Serial Dating For Dummies

Being single in your early twenties can be a freeing experience. You have nothing keeping you in one spot and no one holding you back from being the best you. Many people use this as an excuse to “bone and bounce”. That’s my obnoxious way of modernizing the one night stand.

For the hopeless romantic like myself, that part of the social life goes a little differently. For a short period of time, I attempted the meaningless sex approach, but it was absolutely not for me. This girl likes to be cuddled like it’s the middle of winter and our body heat is the only thing we have to keep warm. Cuddling-Kittens-003

That being said, I have been on the prowl for a man who I can have fun with but who will also treat me well for once. Believe it or not, society has made it very hard for us to make these connections with people. Against my better judgement, I have been meeting people off the app Bumble. I think the worst part of that statement is the fact that I had to say people, as in more than one. For a while I was enjoying the dating game. Going out there and meeting new people and seeing if we have a connection, but at this point, it is getting so tiring and frustrating. I feel like I am a professional at first dates. I don’t even get nervous to meet these guys anymore. Since these are basically blind dates, I always take them to the same restaurant/bar that is close to my house because I love the food and I feel safe there. The only good thing about have failed date after failed date is that I get a free meal and free beer out of it. Well, not every time, but majority of guys offer to pay even though I am very capable of paying for myself. I know that looking forward to the free meal is completely shallow, but these guys I meet are all duds. I keep trying because you never know what will happen when you first sit down on the date. Some are obnoxiously sexual and are only looking for something physical and some have so little depth in their conversations that they could bore a rock. It is such a hard process because you can’t really see someones personality through just texting and creepily stalking their Facebook page.

I wish that finding the love of your life was as easy as the movies make it seem. They just bump into each other on the street and there is an instant connection.  People are always so scared to show their true selves to people. Emotions have become a bad thing to have and love is seen as a weakness. If you know me, you know that I don’t hide any feelings. I am such a blunt person that no one has to question what I am feeling or even thinking. If I like you, I am going to ask you out. Plain and simple. I don’t find a purpose for all the games that go along with dating. I will never understand why people are more interested in you when you show no interest in them. The concept of wanting what you can’t have has been taken to the extreme.

The easiest and most obviously solution to my irritation would be just to stop trying and not worry about dating right now. That sounds very relaxing, but I think the frustration will be worth it some day. I love having a man by me to share things with; experiences, thoughts, laughs. It isn’t that I don’t like being alone, because I absolutely love my alone time. I just personally find that experiences are so much better when you have someone to share them with. I hope that some day I will find that man who vibes with me in just the right way. Until then, I have all you beautiful people to share things with! 🙂



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