Generation of Savage Love

via Daily Prompt: Savage 

There are many different opinions about our most recent generation; some positive, some negative. You may have mixed feelings about the technology that has overtaken the lives of these kids or believe that they will take over the world, but many can agree that the way that we have begun to view love is absolutely savage. I am at the tail end of the Y generation so I am thrown into majority of the behaviors being seen in the teenagers of today. The one that effects and enrages me the most is how love is viewed by my age group. There is no such thing as going up to a girl at a coffee shop or the grocery store and starting conversation anymore. We are all thrown into the dating app scene where we swipe people based on their physical appearance. After that shallow step, we have generic conversations over the app and never view this person face to face unless you hit it off and decide to meet. I don’t think anyone understands how difficult it is to judge someone’s personality through a string of words. There is such a thing as being a bad texter and this leaves us at a fault because we just shrug these people off as being boring, weird or uninterested when they simple just don’t have a way with words through technology. Beyond this basic flaw of how we now expect to meet each other, we have a skewed definition of what love means. Love used to be loyalty, partnership, and respect. Now it is rare to meet someone who hasn’t been cheated on or been the one to cheat. Deceit and sexual priority has taken over our generation and is being taught to kids that this is the way one loves.

There has always been the dating game, but the game doesn’t stop at just the one night stands or the immature flirting anymore. The game has integrated into real life relationships and it is making the idea of true love a foreign concept to most. I myself am a hopeless romantic so I will hopefully never give up on the idea of finding my soul mate. That doesn’t make living in this world any easier though. I have been graced with the presence of men who only want sex and who treat me like I don’t have a brain. It makes finding someone extremely challenging. I have to sort out the savages from the rarely found gentleman. It has sadly even chilled my heart more than I ever wanted it to be. I was a sweetheart at one point. I was nice to everyone, but now I am blunt and rude to most men because of the way I have been treated in the past. It is sad that we even had to come up with a label for the type of man or woman I am speaking of. “Fuck Boys” or “Fuck Girls” are more common than not. Giving people a chance has become nearly impossible since we are all used to the fact that when a man walks up to you at a bar, he doesn’t want intelligent conversation, he wants to add you to his body count. Pure savagery. I am not saying this is soley a mans issue, but speaking from a woman’s point of view, that is all I know. I bet some women are just as horrible. I wish I grew up in a time where bold romantic gestures were a common way to show your affection towards someone. In this generation, if you don’t cheat on someone, you better get married because damn, you must love them a lot. Everything is so sexual in relationships and the romance portion is often ignored. Of course sex is a very important part of an intimate relationship, but it should not over power the rest of the characteristics that make up a healthy and functional relationship. I like to think that it will get better in time, but every generation is slightly less innocent than the one before. Maybe some day chivalry will come back in style. At least a girl can dream.


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