The Beauty of Human Nature

This world is such a strange but beautiful place. We are constantly on the move so we easily fall into a negative mind-set and don’t see the true beauty in our everyday life. The most common phrase for todays society has become “I just hate people”. I am a culprit of using this phrase on multiple occasions. It just makes sense in some situations. People always seem to amaze me with some of the stupid things they do. But really, I’m just a judging bastard that thinks everything should be the way that makes sense to me. Come on, I know a lot of you reading this are the same way, we just hate admitting it because our way truly does make sense. But that might only be in our mind and the minds of the people you surround yourself with. The way humans interact and live is the most beautiful and interesting thing this world has to offer, in my opinion. We are 1 species out of the millions that surround us, but yet we act as if we are the only ones here. If you stop for a minute and really dissect the way we live, it will really change the way you think about everyday life, and possibly make you appreciate it more than we normally  do. We sit in big metal machines and push a petal to make us move and we call it a car. The interworking’s of the technology that we have established is way more complex then we treat it. We jump into our cars and just expect them to work. It’s truly amazing the type of human inventions that we use every day and don’t even think about it. The human brain is so complex and is constantly changing as generations go on.

Our intelligence and creativity sets us apart from other species, but so does the complexity of the human emotions. We feel things in a way that I believe no other species does (please let me know if I’m wrong). Our interactions and need for human connection is so interesting. We don’t do well when we are alone. Yes, we have people who are defined as introverts, but no one can fully thrive when they are alone all the time. We crave love and attention. We want someone to spend our days with and that is so damn beautiful. We search for our soul mates and are surrounded by happiness when we find them. We continue to love even when it has hurt us so much in the past. I guess that factor could actually make us seem so naïve. Or just extremely determined to find true love. I haven’t really figured out which one is correct yet. Half the time I feel like a complete idiot when I let myself love again, but the other half gets so excited to see how it will turn out. Maybe we are much more simple than I am currently making us sound. We live, work, love, mate and die. All the wonderful or terrible moments in-between might just be a part of getting us to that next step.

The craziest part of it all is that we will never know for sure. I think that’s what makes us so beautiful. We go through life blindly following a hope that we will find happiness and our purpose when we really don’t know what it might be. Whether you have a religion or not, everyone has a little faith in something that gives us the push we need to get through the shitty parts of life. We say,


Our strength as humans is truly inspiring and we need to recognize that more. Too many people feel that they are weak. But this life tears us down so much, but we fight to reach the great moments that make it all worth it. Everyone should feel the strength in their self.  Life is worth it in the end, we will just have to wait and see what makes it worth it to each and every one of us. Because none of us are the same. We are like beautiful snowflakes wandering in the wind trying to find where we belong.


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