The love drug

I haven’t felt the unique calmness that only cannabis can create in such a long time. Reunited with an old friend that brings the best out in me.

Some call it a drug. Or illegal. But I see it as a plant that helps me use different parts of my brain. I feel more, understand more, and love more. I can analyze my situation of being in love with my best friend/ex boyfriend and see that waiting around for him isn’t really living. I feel so free and relaxed in these moments of being so self-aware. Having anxiety can cause those moments to never happen, but we must embrace them when they come.

Pulling myself out of depression and anxiety was the biggest challenge of my life. Between that and a broken heart, I could cense my soul becoming ice-cold. This was my second largest challenge; Not letting myself lose the light in my eyes from the hard times I suffered. I had a few different ways to let the light back into me, and inhaling was always my best be. I could feel my emotions clearer than ever and see the beauty that lies within mother nature. I could be more aware of the positives in life that are easily forgotten. I am now remembering how much this helped me. Who knows if  I would even be here if I wasnt able to escape from my own mind.


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