Moon Lit and Beautiful

The combination of a full moon and this lovely warm weather puts a sense of calming in the air. It makes me feel as if nothing I am worrying about is as important as I am making it. The moon is a reminder that there is so much out there and we are just one tiny dot on this great big planet. We have the freedom to persue whatever we dream. Our failures are insignificant to the world at that moment so why should we stop trying due to fear? If you change a life path, it feels like the biggest deal in the world. But really, it only directly affects you and maybe your family. The world will not end if you pick a different career or even move across the country. This life is meant to be an adventure and many people get stuck in the cookie cuter routine. Think outside the box. Explore new things. You would be amazed at what is out in this world for you.

The even more amazing thing is that I felt all of this just by watching the moon. Different energize are in the atmosphere tonight. Use them to your benefit.


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