Something About Spring

The cool damp grass caresses my arms

My long blonde hair intertwined with each green strand

The sun on my face warms my chilled heart

Each ray being soaked up by my porcelain skin

Wind blowing my thoughts from my head

Nothing to worry about, nothing to fear

Buds of pink and yellow bloom around me

Such simple things filled with beauty

A melody of chirping rings through the trees

The language so unique and elegant

Species of all kinds go about their day

Rarely being noticed by the complex human

A lady bug crawls on the tip of my relaxed finger

Good luck is granted to me

But just a simple adventure for her

Opening my eyes to the soft marshmallows in the sky

Quickly sliding past the sun

A gust of wind has the power to dim the light of the world

Feeling its touch but invisible to the naked eye

Shapes in the clouds dance across the sky

My imagination blooming like the flowers

A plane and a bear materialize in the sky like magic

Are they seen for a deeper reason?

Maybe craving the need to flee

Or finding comfort in the hold of another

I push those analytical thoughts from my head

My eye lids close and fresh air fills my lungs

The spring day frees my mind like the birds in the sky


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