Good Bye Anxiety, Hello Sweet Kitty!

Nothing can beat the cuddles and purring of a cat. I am usually a dog person but recently I have been extremely soothed by the little guys running around Valerie’s house. I claimed her one cat, Lovey Dovey, as my own while I hang out there. He is the best. All he wants is love and to love you. Spending my time and bonding with him really consider adopting a kitty! Well I shouldn’t say consider, I am basically obsessed with the idea and have been sending my mom cat pictures and articles on cats and their positive affects on depression and anxiety.

I am hoping that having a little guy around might cure some of the loneliness I feel from my left over depression.

I don’t mean left overs like from dinner. Those are the good kind. Mmmmmmm left over Chinese is the best! I would eat cold Lo Mein for breakfast everyday if I could.


I have read many articles that prove that cats are a great way to reduce anxiety and depression. They bring a sense of calm to you and many know when you are upset or feeling sick and will comfort you through that.

You could definitely say the same thing about dogs. They are Mans best friend of course! I would love a little puppy, but they are a decent amount of work and draw from your bank account more than Cats. My family does have a Pitbull Lab mix at home and he is the sweetest thing, but he is so ADD that he wont sit around and cuddle. It also doesn’t help that he is obsessed with my mom and follows her everywhere.

I think that having an animal that is my baby and my responsibility will help me in countless different ways. Plus, they are absolutely adorable.


That is my sweet little Lovey Dovey! He is amazing, but Valerie’s mom would cry if I took him home with me. I have a few Kitties that I am looking at adopting, but I just have to get my mother to go for it! Wish me luck!!


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