Power of the Loved Ones: The Instant Mood Changers

The day is a great day. You roll out of bed and finally felt energized. Your work day went well and you had Chipotle for lunch. Although you had a lot of work to do throughout the day, you completed it efficiently and felt accomplished. But then you walk in that door, or make that call, and your whole mood can drastically change. Of course our loved ones can make our days exponentially better, but the moments we notice the most are the negative impacts on our mood. The feelings of others can be projected onto you in a way that you feel their pain or frustration along with them. Another way you can be effected would be a negative action or conversation. This is what currently flipped my switch. My best friend and I who are closer than most sisters, had a situation on Friday where my mother found out we were smoking a bowl in my room because the odor must have escaped. Of course we got yelled at and my parents both understandably attacked me the next day. The unreasonably frustrating part of the situation was when Valerie told me she wasn’t going to come to my house anymore. We have been friends for 9 years and have been through everything together. I never expected her not to stand by me on this. It is simultaneously saddening and angering to me that she could be so selfish in running away from the awkward situation that isn’t even guaranteed to occur. I took the brunt force of the situation by myself and left out the fact that she was manic but yet somehow she is incapable of walking in, saying hello and then continuing up the stairs to my room. I have been through much worse at her house. In high school, her brother and I had sex while he was home from deployment. Before you all judge me, Valerie knew that him and I had been talking for the previous months and she was okay with it all. But when her family found out about it, I still came over. Of course it was never mentioned because it was uncomfortable for us all, but I still went and looked her mother in the eyes just like usual. My friendship with her has always been more important than avoiding discomfort. Life has always been easier when we take on things together so I just don’t understand why this situation has her spooked. If anyone has any thoughts, I would love to hear them.


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