Wicked Dreams

Dreams can either be a lovely, beautiful experience that you never want to wake from or the most torturing thing you have ever been through. Last night was full of torturous dreams for me. I was constantly dreaming and they pulled from literally every part of my life that’s a stressor for me. Plus a random emergency plane landing on the street of a busy road in my parents’ home town. Like what the hell, that’s so random. I also apparently joined the army so I could see my ex boyfriend/best friend. Let me just say that I am not the army type. I am a strong girl, but I would break instantly. I hate being yelled at. It’s also extremely fucking creepy and stalkerish to go to all that trouble to see someone who wrecked your world. He isn’t even in the army, he is in the navy so at least it wasn’t as vivid as the other portions of my dreams. Everything else was in such detail and clarity that it felt like real life even after I woke up. There was a large section full of bad family situations and my brother, who I don’t talk to, made an appearance. I understand that all dreams occur because of the thoughts and feelings you have when conscious, but I don’t understand why all of this was thrown into one dream and that particular night. Why would I be in a plane crash? Why would my brother, who I never think of or worry about, show up and cause family drama? I wish I could have a dream analysis on speed dial for situations like this. Call them up like “Yo, am I a psychopath or did I just eat too much chocolate before bed?” I started having vivid dreams in October and it is the absolute worst. I don’t know how common they are, but weeding out the dreams from real life can be extremely difficult. I check my texts the next morning to see who I have actually been in contact with. One morning I woke up excited that my ex called to ask how I was and seemed to really care, but I looked at my phone and his name wasn’t in my call history. It was so frustrating. I never thought that dreams could make you feel emotions from them that aren’t even relevant to real life. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions and its challenging to not let them affect your actions. If you start acting like a bitch to someone because of something they did in your dream, it makes you look like a bi-polar asshole. Been there, done that! I have too many issues normally, so I can’t be adding that one to the mix. I think my therapist would have a conniption fit if I had her help me with anymore of my problems. I need to start dreaming of the beach or adventures through Europe. That sounds pretty dope.


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