Tortured Soul

My eyelids fly open As the tears rush down my face Illustrated so clearly The dream feels like real life Thoughts of not being good enough Still haunt me late at night To see his disproving face Even when I shut them tight Is the definition of torture That a broken girl can't undercut I... Continue Reading →


Healing Heart

The pains so far But still the bitterness remains Like it was just yesterday I was bleeding on the floor Gasping for breath Not knowing what to do next Masking the sadness with a laugh But desperately craving your touch While lacking a sense of purpose I fluttered from one bed to the next Hoping... Continue Reading →

Never Fighting Alone

Sometimes I look back at what I have been through and am truly amazed that I was able to pull myself out and recover as well as I did. The negative thoughts took over my everyday life and I was unable to enjoy any experience that I was presented with. I lived every day with... Continue Reading →

Past vs. Present

It’s been a while since I have written. The need for an emotional outlet has begun to lessen, as I find myself happier than ever, and supported by my love through everything I go through. I have had my ups and downs and found myself reaching out to past friends whose friendship I undeniably miss.... Continue Reading →

Undeniably Damaged

I’m damaged goods From a distance I look delightful Like an apple just polished But look a little closer I dare you  Once I’m opened like a book The worms run ragged  The core brown and bruised You can cut off the dark spots Making it more appealing  But the taste will always remain A... Continue Reading →

Mystery Man

He is my mystery man The one we talked about when I was a kid When I was dreaming of true love  Not knowing who he was But just that he was out there Ready to meet my some day The Mystery man that would sweep me off my feet Making life’s pain worth it... Continue Reading →

Dreamless Love

I fell in love with him that first night.  The night our souls connected and our hearts collided.  I didn’t know I could feel so close to someone.  We joked like we have known each other for years  And made love with a touch that seemed so natural.  His arms make me feel safe when... Continue Reading →

Mending Heart

I've felt pain, heart break and even complete misery. I have been bent, broken and shattered, thinking I would never heal. But somehow, you walked into my life, and the pieces began to find their way back together. And you are the glue that holds them there.

Golden Heart

Your eyes bring me closer Connecting our two tortured souls We never saw this as our future But here we are now Happiness overwhelms me Just knowing you are mine Not sure what true love really was Until you grabbed my hand You ease my worries And sooth my mind Your kiss upon my back... Continue Reading →

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